Thank you all for your continuing hard work in providing a varied curriculum for your pupils.

We understand that this continues to be a stressful time, especially with closing/reopening of schools and the logistical problems of that and, of course, your concerns for your own family's health and that of the wider community.

We will endeavour, as always, to make the grant application process as smooth as possible. Do please help by reading our information and FAQs carefully, providing all the necessary details of resources you require and checking your spam/junk folders for misplaced acknowledgement emails from us.

I have submitted the school's BACS details already. Will my grant be paid?

Yes, grant awards which are currently in progress will be paid and the applicant will be notified as normal.

I have submitted an application and it has been approved. Will my grant be paid soon?

Yes, we are still processing new grant applications and, although the finance team is working from home, they will be paid as soon as possible. Please check junk/spam folders for crucial details around submitting BACS details.

Are you releasing NATRE codes? This scheme is now CLOSED.

It is 12 months since my school received a grant. Will I be asked for the required 12 month report?

Reports which become due during June 2021 onwards will likely not be requested until Autumn Term 2021 (under constant review). Please keep any report materials as you will be asked for a report in due course.

Should you have your report materials together and wish to submit a report promptly or if you are moving jobs, simply email us at and you will be sent a secure report link.

(Updated 31.08.21 16:26)