The Jerusalem Trust’s Small Grants to Schools Scheme
Resourcing the teaching of Christianity within Religious Education


Grants of up to £600 available!

£19,940 Granted in the last 60 days!


Recently purchased items include:

  • Youth bibles and Good News bibles
  • Christianity artefacts
  • KS3 Christianity textbooks
  • Teacher RE Planning: Christianity
  • Animated Bible Stories DVD




Over £400,000 awarded over the last 5 years!

The grant application process for Summer Term 2021 is now open to state secondary and middle schools. Please read the COVID-19 update and FAQs before applying.

The Jerusalem Trust’s Small Grants to Schools Scheme supports the teaching about Christianity within Religious Education by providing schools with grants of up to £600 to purchase resources for use in RE lessons.

The scheme is open to state funded secondary schools in England and Wales, including middle deemed secondary and upper. Secondary school grants are currently available.*

There are NO primary school grants available. Please do not submit a primary school application as it will be disregarded. (17.12.2020 23:00)

Please note that we have no connections whatsoever with, nor do we favour, any particular publisher or seller. Communications from companies which suggest otherwise or who use our name and grant information in sales publicity should be treated with caution. We do not advertise this grant through websites other than this one.

Only resources which focus solely on the Christian religion are eligible for grant funding.

The scheme is not intended for use towards the purchase of resources for assemblies, personal spiritual or social development, hardware, consumables, gift giving or other school activities such as visits, specialist workshops, visitors or teacher training, for example.

Applications to the scheme can only be made for Religious Education (RE) resources on Christianity.** These can include books, teacher resources, artefacts, DVDs and CD-Roms for use in RE lessons. Class sets of Bibles may be purchased under the terms of the scheme.

Please ensure that the resources requested are the ones you actually intend to purchase with the grant and could not be purchased from within the allocated RE budget for the school, in the current and subsequent year, unless this grant is awarded.  

When funding decisions are made, the quality and shelf-life of resources, and the number of pupils that will benefit from them, will be taken into account.

A short report on the impact of  the grant on teaching and learning will be required 12 months after an award is paid.

Reports due Autumn 2020 onwards - please read advice in Covid-19 Update.

If you require further information please see the FAQs or Contact Us using the form.

We have a new Privacy and Cookies Policy which can be viewed on the link below.

* Where applications are submitted via grants/business managers on behalf of schools an email address for a teacher contact at each school must also be supplied.

** A maximum of £250 out of the £600 available grant can be used to purchase examination resources. The balance [or the full grant amount] may be used for non-examination resources.

(Updated 06.06.2021 16:30)

FAQs/More information:
RE Grants for Schools FAQs
RS Resources
Privacy and Cookies Policy

Apply Online

Applications to The Jerusalem Trust’s Small Grants to Schools Scheme can only be made online through this site.

The online application process will take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.  In order to successfully complete the application process, please make sure you have the following information to hand:

  • Your school’s address and postcode;
  • The name of your Headteacher and Head of RE/RE Coordinator;
  • The ‘Information about this school’ section from your last full school inspection report - the make-up/demographics of the school population, not the grading;
  • A valid school email address (Please note: the online form will not accept personal email accounts eg. @hotmail);
  • No of children studying RE;
  • A list of resources you wish to purchase with prices and ISBN-13/catalogue numbers (supplier identified in the main paragraph for catalogue numbers);
  • Details of how the resources will be used.  You will be required to submit a short report, with evidence, in 12 months' time. Please only purchase resources mentioned in the application form unless a change has been approved by us in advance;
  • If you wish to receive the Silver NATRE School Membership offer,  please remember to tick the appropriate box. It will not be awarded retrospectively. Feedback on the impact of the membership will be required in 12 months' time.
    Please read the FAQs for further information before making an application.

Proceed to application

The grant application process for Summer Term 2021 is now open to state secondary and middle schools. Please read the COVID-19 update and FAQs before applying.

     ~~ Bonus Offer ~~

       Introductory Silver NATRE School Membership Offer

         We are delighted to be able to offer a free, introductory, 12 month Primary
         or Secondary School Silver NATRE School Membership worth £120 to
         schools which are not current or previous NATRE members (1).

         The offer is dependent on the school also being awarded a grant for RE
         Christianity resources, is subject to availability and is not transferrable to
         another school. It is offered in addition to the £600 available for RE
         Christianity resources.

         Full details about the NATRE Silver Membership can be found on the NATRE

         Feedback about the impact of the membership on teaching, learning and the
         use of the grant-funded RE Christianity resources at the school will be
         required in 12 months' time. Details on how to claim this offer will be sent by
         email once your grant has been paid and receipt confirmed by the school,    
         subject to availability. Tick the box on the application form to register
         interest in this offer.

           (1) This offer cannot be used to renew or upgrade existing membership and
               is not open to previous members or individuals.