How the Application Process Works

1. Stage One

Fill in the form to the right and submit your application.

2. Stage Two

We will review your application and decide if it meets the qualifying criteria.

3. Stage Three

If your application is successful, we will request your school's BACS details to grant the money.

4. Stage Four

Within 12 months of receiving your grant, we will contact you and request evidence of how the grant money has been used to improve the teaching of RE at your school.

Apply for Grant

Please read the information on the Home page and FAQs before making an application. There are limited numbers of primary school grants available. (31.08.2021 16:15). The NATRE offer is now closed; please ignore the question below.

To apply for an RE grant, please fill in the form below. Once you have submitted the form, we will review your application and notify you by email if you have been successful or not - please also check your spam/junk folder. 
It is essential that you check the email address submitted is accurate and that our email address,, is marked as 'not spam' or the processing of your application could be delayed or cancelled.  Ensure exact details of all resources are included such as ISBN-13s and catalogue numbers (supplier identified in the main paragraph for catalogue numbers).  Items which cannot be easily assessed will be rejected. Please retain your own list of the resources applied for or take a screen shot before submitting the form. PLEASE CHECK RESOURCE NAMES HAVE NOT BEEN CHANGED TO YOUR NAME IF YOU HAVE AUTOFILL!
NOTE: A maximum of £250 is available for examination resources. The balance [or the full grant amount] may be used for non-examination resources.

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Grant criteria

The following are the criteria against which grant applications are considered:

  • Applications to the fund can only be made for Religious Education (RE) resources on Christianity. These can include textbooks, teacher resources, artefacts, CD-Roms, DVD's and online subscriptions for use in RE lessons. Only resources which focus solely on the Christian religion are eligible. The fund is not intended for use towards the purchase of resources for assemblies or other school activities.
  • Please ensure that the resources requested could not be purchased from within the allocated RE budget for the school, in the current and subsequent year, unless this grant is awarded.
  • The maximum size of grant that can be awarded is £600. Schools which receive a grant will not be eligible to apply for a further award from the fund until two years have elapsed after the date the grant is made.
  • When funding decisions are made, the quality and shelf-life of resources, and the number of pupils that will benefit from them, will be taken into account.
  • One year on from receiving the grant, the school agrees to complete a report form which will be sent to the school on how the resources were used and how they improved the teaching of Christianity in the school both from teachers' and pupils' points of view. Evidence from staff or children, including pictures or examples of work produced, should be collected throughout the year. These details will form the basis of a report to Trustees and the trust's education partners who maintain a keen interest in the present state and future development of RE.

All applications will be acknowledged and successful applicants will be informed in writing once a decision has been made. Please note that we anticipate receiving a large number of applications and, regretfully, will be unable to make a grant in response to every one of them.

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